Berlin's most unique beer, is Berliner weisse. Low concentration, low alcohol content known as the Berlin white beer, tiffany sale "the North's Champagne", often dressed in wide-mouth glass to serve as a high-level drinking champagne. Berlin people, usually when drink white Berlin beer, they like add Himbeersirup or Waldmeistersirup, make it red (Rot) or green (Gr) mixed drinks, not looks like beer. tiffany jewellery australia In short, Berlin deliberately avoid astringent bitter beer, with a hint of sweetness.

 Cologne beer (Kolsch) quality of the wine is very light, clear beer with than even the color of light, more light and moderate hop bitterness, dry and slightly acid taste, slightly higher alcohol content. General with the typical 0.2 liters of slender glass "Stangen",tiffany australia will drink one can drink 10 cups a row, 20 cups all without blinking an eye. Section empty beer drinking should be "swallowed" and must complete three drinks a cup, because this beer stay in the mouth for a short time, not temperature, flavor and taste will not have changed tiffany jewelry You are a small pub in Cologne, but also see a glass of beer, the waiter will be to narrow the cup full bloom, on a 1-meter board, called "a Midza beer", with a touch of herbs incense tranquil and refreshing taste.

 Thuringia in central Germany's most famous beer than Kostritzer Card Lite Stout, Stout said the German people will think of the brand, all of Germany's beer lovers know that this delicious dark tiffany outlet But the most famous is Thuringian sausages, it is the one of the Germany's favorite varieties, make of pig pork, pig legs and eggs, together with pepper, celery and blue sub, cinnamon and made of other condiments.Thuringian grilled sausage without specialized equipment, as long as there are barbecue pits on it. cheap tiffany and co earrings The best barbecue is in the open areas, because the sausage on the oil droplets in the hot coals, will be hopping a great smoke. 


Thuringia sold in the streets on the big sausage persons roasted rack of iron. In order to have a special taste of sausage and crackling, it is also used to leaching of some beeredge on the edge of grilled sausage.


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